Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How about Spectacularly Shaker?

So, in an attempt to break my brain of this anxious state I am in at the moment (though a decision (and I already know what it is) will be forthcoming soon), long time friend of the blog Foodie decided to take me out for coffee. Across the street from the coffee shop was a store that has intrigued me for months now. It is called, Simply Amish.

First off, I have always wondered what other naming possibilities there are for that store. Extravagantly Amish has a really nice ring to it. Decadently Amish brings up some interesting images. I Can’t Believe It’s Amish is probably a little too long for a store. All in all though, what else are you going to name a store that includes the word Amish in it.

We decided to go in and I have to say that it brightened up my day. Not due to what they sold, which was hand crafted furniture that I have to say looked incredibly nice. Lots of nice solid wood tables and chairs and a few wood with glass inlays that would look awesome in my apartment if I decided to change up the style a little bit. While it was nice to browse that is not what made me smile. The following just made my day.

I always wondered how did they run an Amish store. Did they have electricity? Did they have a credit card machine or was everything just in cash. Well the answer to both of those questions was yes and I guess I can’t say that surprised me. The rather sizable computer on the sales persons desk was rather conspicuous but understandable. However, the purpose of the thirty inch flat screen monitor posted in the dead center of the store baffles me.

Seriously, the first thing I saw when I walked into the store was the flat screen and you know, when I think Amish, I think liquid crystal technology. It was just so out of place and disconcerting. I understood the fake flat screens they showed in some of the entertainment cabinets. You need those to give customers a sense of perspective. But this massive piece of electronics in a store dedicated to craftsmanship by people who shun technology was so disruptive that it made by day. I love seeing life be so incongruous.

I think I am slowly getting back to being myself and breaking out of this weird state of mind that I am in. It’s just the way that I deal with anxiety and stress. In those situations I really turn inward, which tends to make things worse until I decide to take some degree of action. I have and now that I have steps and milestones in front of me I can work on completing the tasks on my to do list. Plus, sometimes I just need to take time off and do nothing but ponder. My brain works in strange ways (as my dreams indicate) but I know that if I give it time and if I occasionally go out and have a few laughs everything will work out.

Wednesday Night Music Club: I think that I have been searching for this video ever since I started this feature. If you ever want to know what it is like when I am in one of these moods the phrase “I feel as if I am looking at the world from the bottom of a well” comes to mind. The song is by Mike Doughty, who is one of my favorites, and the phrase is from the book “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle”, which I have spent four months trying to read and have yet to get past page fifty.

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