Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looking into the mailbag

I'm a bit low on ideas at the moment so time to break out the infrequently asked questions...

Q: So how is the job search coming?
A: Pretty good so far. At least I have been succesful in gaining interviews and all of the interviews seem to go well. I would describe my methodology as being the organized shotgun approach. Meaning that while I am seemingly applying to a ton of jobs on internet boards there is a method to my madness. At times the fact I applied for something like 25 different positions on Monday seems to be a little in excess but when the emails asking for phone interviews start coming in you have to admit it is a nice feeling.

(However, the rejection email I received at two in the morning was a little disturbing. I can just see an HR manager waking up in the middle of the night and going "I can't believe that guy even applied. I'm not even going to wait until the morning. He doesn't even deserve a few hours of possibility.")

I still don't know when, where or on what I will be working. I'm all over the country in terms of jobs and the positions themselves run the spectrum from engineer to product manager to finance to Chuck E. Cheese game technician (but only if I get my own Skee-Ball machine). I'll keep everyone updated.

Q: What snack food would you list as your worst guilty pleasure?
A: That is simple, Andy Capp Hot Fries. First of all, it still uses the Andy Capp cartoon character as a mascot. For those who don't remember, Andy Capp was (and possibly still is) a rather unfunny cartoon that always seemed to cross the line from irreverant marital strife into what seemed to be a fair deal of abuse. But mainly, Hot Fries are a potato snack that are spiced to high heaven and probably should not be eaten in large quantities. I devour bags of them when I'm in a bad mood and then have to drink a gallon of water just to simply breathe. Trust me, if my doctor knew about this habit of mine he probably wouldn't let me leave his office.

Q: What is the next liveblogging experiment going to be?
A: Well, I still need to liveblog Star Wars-a-palooza. I'll be honest, though, after the Royals game experience the thought of what it might be like to sit in one spot, watch fourteen hours of movies, never talk to anyone, and spend the entire time writing is really scary. I really was losing it at the end of the Royals game. That was essentially five hours of continuous writing, or at least scribbling ideas while trying to watch the game. Now imagine more than doubling that. It will be awesome as well as my longest post ever. It will happen before I start work. That is a guarantee.

Q: What are you using as your good luck music at the moment?
A: I am sticking with Josh Rouse and specifically the album "1972". It still has a rather incredible track record for me. Josh has lost his perfect streak but he is still well above random guessing. Plus, I really think everyone should own that disc. The world would be a better place if people did.

Have a great weekend everyone. More stories on Sunday.

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