Sunday, July 06, 2008

You wax poetic about things pathetic...

Wish that I had a lot of grand adventures to report from this weekend but sadly it wasn’t the case. It was just a rather lazy, quiet weekend for me. The fourth consisted of a trip to the airport (which is a long, interesting and emotional story that I simply am not allowed to discuss in this space) followed by my sleeping on the couch and then patriotically doing laundry. I’m sorry but I just don’t see the big deal about fireworks. I’m certainly not going to drive somewhere and hang out by myself to watch them. It just seems even more pathetic than spending a holiday folding laundry and watching bad movies.

Not sure if I could say that the rest of the weekend was an improvement, though I did watch Nascar and Wimbledon. The Daytona race wasn’t much to write home about as the cars continued to turn left and no one has yet tried to drive the wrong direction in an effort to create ultimate havoc. Also, the fact that the race was one long advertisement for Coke Zero (it’s just like Coke but it’s not) was rather annoying. The Nadal-Federer final today was some of the best tennis I have seen in years though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more even match in my life. When you are deep into the fifth set and both guys have won the exact same number of points you realize just how evenly matched they are.

I guess if I have realized anything from this weekend it is the acknowledgment of the big date that is looming in my future. I am now less than sixty days away from turning 35. For some reason this has become a rather epic birthday in my mind. Much moreso than when I turned 30, which just seemed to be a bit of a ha ha moment. I knew turning thirty meant that I was now older but I was still a bar hopping, live in the moment kind of guy. But being 35 will mean that I am in my mid-thirties, no questions asked, and that implies a lot. Like I should be settled down by now and right now if there is one thing that I am not it is settled.

Interestingly, I really feel like I am 35. I’ve been using that as my age for a while now just because it really fits me. My hair is tinged with gray and I don’t recover from a late night with quite the vigor that I used to. I’ve had to see a cardiologist and discuss my cholesterol levels. Being 35 fits me in that respect. I’m not a kid anymore. I should be a respected adult.

The problem is of course is that I still don’t have the life of a respected adult. I’m a guy in an apartment who doesn’t know where his career is headed and his social life is once again in shambles. I really did expect to have a wife, a house and a dog by now and I somehow have avoided acquiring any of the three. That is probably the biggest issue in my life right now. The life that I want and the life that I have simply do not match up on even the most basic level. I still enjoy myself but it isn’t what I’m looking for. Finding it in two months is a bit too much to ask for but who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Best of 120 Minutes: For some reason I am in a real Paul Westerberg mood at the moment. As a result, here is World Class Fad. It is a very good song to play at high volume on a Monday.

The Random CDs of the moment:
1) Jeff Buckley “The Grace EPs”

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