Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Midweek meanderings

Random note number one: Here is another side of the strangeness that is my life. Within the span of an hour today while sitting in my home office in KC (dressed splendidly in a 2005 White Sox World Series champs t-shirt) I interviewed with an electric utility in Miami and a mobile software company in Seattle. I don’t think you could find two positions that are such polar opposites. Complete opposite sides of the country, different functions, different skills needed, but I am completely qualified and interested in both positions. See, this is what I get for not being a dentist. When a dentist looks for a new job all he has to do is look for a place where a dentist is required. I have to define my career on my own.

Random question number one: Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do this weekend? Seriously, every plan that I had for this weekend has gone “poof” and I am now faced with the possibility of spending the entire time either a) working on job applications or b) hanging out in a bar. If I could find a bar with decent wi-fi capabilities I could just combine those activities. But really, what the hell should I do this weekend?

Random question number two: Does anyone have a suggestion for a cool, stylish watch I could buy to show more style than bling with my evening wardrobe? I have a watch, a perfectly fine watch, with a Guinness logo on it but I think I need something slightly classier. I’m not talking five grand on my wrist here. Just something cool. Ideas?

Random note number two: It is very strange to check the news online and see reports of “Angelina Jolie’s doctor to give a press conference.” Now, even as someone whose entire life revolves around pop culture, this seems to be slightly excessive. Yes, she is a celebrity and all (even though she can’t open a movie and hasn’t done anything of note since Girl, Interrupted) but is she really that important. When she has kids she can let us know. We don’t require press conferences to declare exactly how dilated she is at this very moment. It just isn’t that important of information.

Wednesday Night Music Club: I’ve gained a few new friends on Facebook and that always leads to the “who is that with you in your picture” question. Despite appearances (which I really don’t try to dispel) she isn’t my girlfriend. It is in fact one of my favorite musicians, Kelly Willis. Here is Kelly on Letterman, joined by the rather lovely Amy Farris on mandolin.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... suggestions for this weekend. 1) As it is 4th of July, by american tradition, you must use this opportunity to blow up fireworks of some kind. it is a patriotic duty. combining with beer is always preferable, but not always the best idea. any road that leads north of the river will provide both opportunity for a) fireworks and liquor store (or grocery in MO) and b) random fields where things can be blown up.

Other than thatm I have been wanting to see two films, 1) Hancock. it might suck but the idea of a drunk superhero is too much to pass up and 2) The Visitor

Either way, enjoy the weekend and here is an item you might enjoy for your files and next resignation letter after you land this next gig:

Foodie said...

Holy shit! Hancock comes out this weekend? Obviously you should go see that. I'm also going to throw in taking an impromptu trip to Florida because I could use the company. Not kidding...
Also, unless you decided to throw in the towel on our "plan" - you better have a name by Monday or falloodat it is.

Anonymous said...

A watch is one of the few ways a man can accessorize without looking like a douche.

Fossil or Kenneth Cole are a good starting point around $200, but if you look around it seems everyone else has one.

I would suggest starting off with Victorinox Swiss Army. The Chrono classic looks like the watch of a gentleman. $450 with steel or $395 with leather band.

Victorinox collection at Nordstrom