Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too many random notes...

Random Note # 1: I am stunned by the news story out of Rhode Island about the guy who was picked up for drunk driving. According to police he blew a 0.491 on the breathalyzer. At that point the question is not whether or not he should be behind the wheel of a piece of heavy machinery. The question is how in the world is that guy still breathing? Hell, at that point not only should you not be driving but you should not be able to figure out how to sit down in the car and start the engine. We used to joke about needing to put a little more blood in the alcohol stream but in this case it is actually true.

Random Note # 2: Here is a definition of a slow news day. Estelle Getty dying made the top headlines of every news site that I visited today. All of them made reference to The Golden Girls. Personally I would have been much happier if the headline read, “Star of ‘Stop or my Mom will Shoot’ passes away.” If only to see how many Stallone rumors would be started as a result.

Random Note # 3: No, I do not have to worry about any of my local Starbucks disappearing. Actually, the Westport one closed months ago while all of the local independent stores are still up and running, which was a nice sight to see. In fact, all of the Starbucks that I attend (where I go to the counter and just go “will you just give me a freaking large decaf please?”) are still in operation. Since it is summer my coffee consumption is down significantly. Hot beverages in triple digit heat just don’t go together well. However, I will tell you what I think is the biggest benefit of the job near Philly I interviewed for: there is a Dunkin Donuts three blocks from the office. Seriously, I’ve been jonesing for Dunkin Donuts for five years now.

Random Note # 4: If anyone comes across any dating tip lists online (like the ones that Yahoo and CNN seem to be publishing daily) please send me a link. Not that I need the tips for my own personal use. (Ok I do but at the present moment I am content to continue to fumble around blindly until I either find the perfect girl or a slightly less than perfect girl who views me as a rebuilding project.) I’m working on a future idea for the blog and could use some of those lists as a starting point.

Random Note # 5: Like most of you I spent much of the day in celebration of Pi Approximation Day. What, are you telling me that July 22 (or 22/7 in European form) is not a major celebration in your household? True, March 14 is the typical Pi Day celebration but I feel a special kinship to Pi Approximation Day. I mean we are honoring the “Oh well, that’s close enough” view of mathematics. Sure, you’re not technically correct but it is close enough for government work. It is on days like today when we remember that estimates are good enough.

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Anonymous said...

there is a dunkin doughnuts in lawrence....or st.joe. (much more reason to go to lawrence than st.joe unless you need a fill on redneck culture)

there is also a doughnut place called steve's doughnuts on 87th & quivera which is supposed to be really good!