Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic wrapup

Just a couple final Olympic comments based mainly on what I watched of the closing ceremonies...

  • I was completely unaware that the double decker buses in London were actually Transformers. This is quite disconcerting. Presumably they are Autobots but the entire sentient public transport system gives me the willies.
  • Jimmy Page looks surprisingly like Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees at the moment. But I guess we should be happy that Jimmy Page can still play guitar.
  • I'm still trying to figure out the whole modern dance London section, which seemed really inclusive by involving people in wheelchairs. That became much less inclusive when you saw that the people in wheelchairs were then dancing on the bus.
  • I often wonder what do a billion chinese do every day. Apparently they spend all of their time preparing quite challenging human pyramid designs. Seriously, that was quite impressive even if I didn't quite understand what it was all supposed to mean.
  • The U.S. wins the total medal cout while the Chinese won the gold medal count for those wondering. Why the change? China has focused on sports with large numbers of individual medals while the U.S. has always been more team sport focused. We are proud to win one basketball gold medal versus four gold medals in table tennis or badmitton. Still, medal counts are a keepsake from the cold war where political ideals are debated by determining who is best at rowing a boat.
  • Congrats to India for winning their first gold medal ever this year. Over a billion people, twenty percent of the world's population, and they only now get a gold medal. That astounds me just in terms of percentages. Statistically speaking, they have to have at least one decent athlete in the country.
  • I'm still really pulling for Chicago to win the 2016 games. I would go nuts for that. Sure it would make traffic horrible for weeks and we would build a swimming venue that would never be used again but I jus think it is amazing to have your city to be the center of the world for a few weeks. Plus, we would rock out the ceremonies. Styx would have to reunite just so we could show who we really are.

Coming up this week. Convention coverage! In depth analysis of planks and platforms! What will the great state of New Hampshire say as they try to justify their state's existence! So much fun.

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