Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nothing ever happens to me...

Recently I had someone ask me why I don’t write the blog on weekends. It’s actually a pretty good question especially as I seem to have picked up some new readers along the way who weren’t around when this thing got started. Here is the answer in the nutshell: I find topics to write about based on interesting things I see and I can barely find five days worth of creativity much less seven.

Really what it is is that sometimes my life gets really, really boring and that often occurs on the weekend. The song “Working for the Weekend” really doesn’t apply to me. For one thing, I’m opposed to any song sung by a guy in a headband. What usually happens is that I spend my weekends taking care of all the errands I neglected to do during the week so instead of spending my Saturdays discussing Wittgenstein at the institute or more likely being found in gin mills and houses of ill repute I end up spending Saturday nights doing laundry, which is precisely what I did this weekend.

I also went grocery shopping, cleaned my apartment, burned a few CDs, tried on my interview suit (it still fits so I’m apparently not as fat as I feared), avoided getting a haircut, paid my bills, checked out my credit history, finished a collection of Nick Hornby essays, hung out at a bar and prepped for my interviews this week. None of these items are what you would call very exciting; just the day to day workload we all seem to undertake. Until I learn to outsource better this will account for much of my weekend.

True, I could write about the brilliant book suggestions that came in on the last post and I probably will tomorrow. I still need to think through how to write my responses. Some of the suggestions I’ve read, some I haven’t and some I might need a translator for. I am also upset that no one recommended any Star Wars novels, possibly due to the assumption that I have already read them all. While obviously true it wouldn’t have hurt anyone to ask.

But back to the five days a week posting. Part of it is due to the fact that I don’t know if I could be creative for 600 words every night. Another part is that I write at night and I would hope that I would have better things to do on a Friday or Saturday night than stare at my computer screen. Sometimes that better thing is watch a rerun of House but it’s the thought that matters. But the real reason is the entire idea behind the blog. I write five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday. That means that you could check the website every morning at work and find a new entry. That’s what I really want to provide. A five minute respite from work where I share something interesting, thought provoking and hopefully funny. If I accomplish that I think I’m doing my job of providing the best free entertainment that money can buy.

Best of 120 Minutes: No real reason for including this song other than it is entirely the type of video that I would end up watching at midnight on Sunday in college while I finish off my work. Which is exactly the position I find myself in right now. The more things change the more they stay the same.

The five random CDs for the week: (For the record I am 83% of the way through my collection)
1) The Subdudes “Behind the Levee”
2) Garrison Starr “Songs From Take-Off to Landing”
3) Cowboy Junkies “Black Eyed Man”
4) Cowboy Mouth “Mouthing Off Live and More”
5) The Polyphonic Spree “The Beginning Stages of...”

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