Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorry, wrong number

Probably the best headline that I have read over the past week was “Tori Spelling: I talked with Farrah Fawcett’s spirit”. You didn’t even need to read the article to get an opinion on the story. In fact, I’m not sure if that headline even counts as a sentence yet I might be able to get a full blog post out of it. Let’s try.

Now I have no idea what is in store for us beyond this world but I hope and believe that we move on to someplace else. Our atoms get reintegrated into the universe and our soul moves on to wherever that place may be. And maybe, or quite possibly, there are times when the spirit can communicate from that place back to this one. If that is the case then there is just one thing that I wish for. If I can only communicate to one person please don’t let it be Tori Spelling.

Let’s think about poor Farrah here. Think about all the people that she would want to contact. I’m certain that there is a message that she would like to share with Ryan O’Neal. Maybe her Charlie’s Angels castmates could use a little speaking to (and besides, who wouldn’t want to talk to Jaclyn Smith or John Forsyth?) Hell, maybe she would want to lend her ethereal insight on the situation in the Gulf. Instead the only person that she can reach is Tori Spelling.

What would you say in that situation? “Why are you still famous?” “Do you want to know the only reason you had a job on 90210 was because of your dad? He’s right here, ask him yourself?” And then from Tori’s perspective does she hold this information private or maybe share it with Farrah’s family? Nope, she essentially issues a press release on it so she could get one more headline on the news sites. The entire thing is depressing.

Fame is a very strange thing. I understand why some people try to hold on to it. If you are Jon and / or Kate then remaining famous helps you to keep a lifestyle that you previously didn’t have. Or you are a band that is touring in smaller and smaller venues just because the cheer of a crowd is all that matters to you. But for Tori Spelling, well, I can’t really see the point. She is already rich so it is not as though she is doing this for the money. And I can’t really believe that she is driven by the acclaim and the hope of becoming a serious figure because, well, she never was one in the first place. So why is she driven to keep her name out there? I really don’t know unless it is just something to do.

So Farrah, if you still have some news to send please try again. We’ll try to get you a better connection this time.

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