Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mena Suvari could not be reached for comment (as her shift at IHOP hadn't ended yet)

Just some random odds and ends tonight…

1) Chris Klein from the American Pie films was arrested for DUI in Hollywood last night thus answering the question “Can Chris Klein even get arrested in this town?” Do you realize that the American Pie films came out over a decade ago? How horrible is it as an actor to realize that when they report your arrest the only films that they mention came out a decade ago. You could repeat this statement for Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth and possibly the guy with the pie (though he had a bit more work in later years.)

2) If you were wondering how the North Korean team had fans at the World Cup given that its citizens are not technically allowed to leave the country wonder no more. Apparently they hired Chinese actors to act as fans and support the team. They have even admitted to it. Pretty amazing when they show the team during the national anthem and the players are singing (and in one case, crying) while their supporters are looking around rather dumbfounded. Just one more part of North Korea that is freaking insane.

3) Well that and the North Korea themed restaurants that exist in certain parts of the world. I’m not making this up. I believe they are called Pyongyang and are owned by the North Korean government in which they serve up North Korean food and culture with service by the prettiest North Korean girls in the world (who of course are basically not allowed to leave the restaurant or their housing complex.) Just nuts.

4) Oh, for those wondering the gulf is still screwed. You know, for what is going to be the biggest environmental disaster in our country’s history there really isn’t much of a sense of outrage or anything at the moment. We feel sad about the birds and the fishermen but that huge collective “What the hell?” moment we had during Katrina just isn’t there. In that case there was an uproar and people mobilizing to help but in this instance it really isn’t there. Partly because none of us are trained to fix oil wells or to clean up spills. People aren’t homeless or suffering so we don’t even know where to send money to. The closest equivalent that I can think of is Three Mile Island and that really isn’t a proper comparison. Three Mile Island was a significant event that could have been much worse but in the end did not result in any long lasting damage. This, on the other hand, is going to screw up the gulf for a generation at least. I just wish there was some way to get people engaged and outraged over the event.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry there will be outrage when Obama somehow blames this on Bush

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty outraged. Just feel helpless. Kinda like being on a runaway bus with no one driving. - dj

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Kevin Costner is stepping in to save the day. Really.