Thursday, June 10, 2010

Commit to the Indian and good things happen

We won the Stanley Cup! We won the Stanley Cup! And we, uh, get Lindsay Lohan along with it. It’s not clear why but apparently this is now in the bylaws or something.

(I must admit this is one of my favorite completely non-sensical pictures of all time.)

Obviously I didn’t post last night since I was too busy celebrating the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup in the time honored Chicago way of rioting and looting. Sadly, since I was in Delaware and there weren’t any other fans around it was just me and in that case it was probably less of a raucous celebration getting out of hand and more of a one man crime spree. Do you know how hard it is to flip a car over by yourself?

(Sigh. I missed not having access to any Chicago channels for this championship. Every victory comes with dedicated riot coverage. That said, after being in New Orleans when the Saints won the Super Bowl I think I have seen the biggest celebration ever.)

Some thoughts on the game. I was pretty confident that the Hawks were going to win it though it drove me insane when they came out for the third period playing not to lose. They did the hockey equivalent of the prevent defense which of course wasn’t going to work. They still hadn’t quite found their rhythm in overtime when Kane took what was just a weird shot that went in and no one really noticed. It was a strange broken play and Kane had an open look at the net and nothing else to do so he took the shot and it snuck through. The announcers blew the call though to be honest I wasn’t sure it was a goal until I saw the replay.

It is amazing to get to see the Hawks win the Stanley Cup. I hate the fact that people say that they are historically “one of the NHL’s worst franchises” because that is entirely not true. For decades they were one of the league’s better franchises that just could never get over the hump (I think Dino Ciccarelli’s entire career consisted of him screwing over Blackhawk teams.) In the mid-90’s they pretty much gutted the team though and that led to the really bad decade. Still, this is a team that I have always cheered and played as in video games and it is great to see them win it all. Now that I have seen the Bears, Bulls, White Sox and Blackhawks win titles in my lifetime I can even bring myself to root for the Cubs to win one eventually. Just as long as they admit all the other teams got there first.

I also want to give my thoughts on Jeremy Roenick crying at the end of the broadcast. People are getting on him for crying either because a) he is a broadcaster, b) he is a hockey player or c) he played for both teams in his career so why the hell he is happy that one won and not the other? Even though JR can be a bit of a prick at times and he had a bit of a hatred for the Hawks after the team legitimately kicked him to the curb I really think that this was true emotion that he was showing. He never won the Cup and his team was the one who was supposed to bring it to Chicago. Moreover, no matter where he went I think that he always considered himself a Blackhawk. That was the team that got his career started and the fans who were fully behind him. I really think he viewed the moment as a former player and as a fan; his team finally won the Stanley Cup.

That is it for tonight. I just want to mention that Charlie Weis now gets to state that he beat USC and that the Bush Push never happened. Our losing streak against them is history! We won the game of the century! What a great 24 hours in sports.

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