Monday, September 01, 2008


So I kind of feel like going off on a little political rant right now. If you disagree with my political views that is perfectly fine. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. Except for the people who vote for Ralph Nader. I feel that we should drop all of them off on the nearest melting iceberg and be done with them. But this is just what is on my mind right now.

The McCain running mate selection has had me stunned for several days now. Now this is not for the reason that many of you would expect. Yes, even though I have been quoted as saying that this country has gone downhill ever since women were given the right to vote doesn't mean that I have a problem with a female candidate. I've voted for them and when they are the best candidate I support them fully. The problem is Sarah Palin is not the best candidate. To be honest, she may be the worst candidate I have ever seen on paper.

Let's start with her background pre-politics. Some may say that is not relevant but we put a lot of weight on McCain's military career so we should also focus on Palin's career as contest contestant? We have a VP candidate who was almost Miss Alaska? Add to that the fact that she also worked as a sports broadcaster on the evening news where one of her major tasks was to discuss dog sledding and you begin to wonder just how those skills play into being a vice president.

But, as people have been saying, she has more executive experience than either Obama or Biden (or McCain based on this definition). That is true only in the sense that she has held an executive position in title while the others have been senators and led committees. And what executive experience she has had. The mayor of a town of less than 10,000 people. Two years as governor of one of the smallest states in terms of population. If they consider this executive experience I would have much rather seen Carly Fiorina be named the candidate. Running HP is a lot more challenging than running Alaska.

Then there is her great quote from a few months ago in which she states that she is not entirely sure what the vice president does. First off, anyone who took an eighth grade constitution class should know what the vice president does. You preside over the senate and are prepared to take over the presidency. You work as an advisor and go to funerals when required. If you state that in a television interview, knowing that such a statement will make you look foolish, you really can't be considered prepared for the job.

Now I'll be honest in that I am a lifelong democrat and a supporter of Obama throughout the election cycle. He is the first politician that has made me excited about the political process and the fact that we can have a better system than we have now. But I do admire John McCain for what he has done for the country. I disagree with his policies, some of which I outright hate, but the man has my utmost respect. But this decision would eliminate all doubts from my mind as to whether I could vote for him. It is just a completely wrong decision. It is clear pandering to female voters on the logic that they will vote solely based upon a candidate's genitals. This decision is so poor you wonder if it was made intentionally.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you just pulled the name Carly Fiorina out of thin air or if you've been reading the Huffington post, but if the former is true that is really funny you say that because McCain picked Carly Fiorina to be an economic advisor and she was rumored to be on the short list for VP.