Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I expected wacky neighbors as well...

Based on the comment on the last post I have decided to try to come up with a list of all the things from television shows and movies that I wish I had right now. Because I feel that it is incredibly cruel to tempt a child with these wonderous visions and then never allow him to achieve them. Anyway, feel free to add to the list in the comments.

· A train running through my living room that I could ride like in Silver Spoons.
· A car that talks with the voice of one of the doctors from St. Elsewhere.
· A robot little sister / maid.
· A video game machine that once I mastered it I would be contacted by an alien race so that I could save their civilization due to my expertise.
· A potion that once ingested would allow me to bounce around a forest.
· My own aircraft carrier (hey, you only needed one person to pilot it).
· A neverending story, which would reduce my need to go to bookstores greatly.
· An alien that would hang out in my house, crack jokes and threaten to eat the neighbor’s cat.
· An Atlasphere for use as daily transportation and / or settling blood feuds.
· Spiked shoulder pads as everyday apparel.
· A dating service in which the quality of your selection would be voted on by a random sampling of peers and if they agreed with you this would provide you with another free date.
· A high school corridor in which everyone spends time getting in and out of lockers cracking jokes.
· The ability to avoid any question by agreeing to take a physical challenge.
· Have a car where the doors are welded shut for no apparent reason.
· A suit that would provide me with superpowers except that I lost the instruction manual and now have to use trial and error to figure things out. Oh, and a cool theme song to go with said suit.
· All personal disputes to be solved via laser tag.
· The ability to escape any situation using only a paper clip, some baking soda, and a piece of lint.
· An old woman who lives in my quiet town who solves murders while no one questions why a quiet little spot seems to have an abnormally high murder rate.
· Barring a robot maid, a British butler would be a nice addition to the homestead.
· Personal wealth to be decided solely by my ability to avoid whammies.

Wednesday Night Music Club: Going back to the personal vaults at the moment for an old favorite. I’m a big John Hiatt fan and he is another one of those artists I listen to when things aren’t going as well as they could be. His music just gets me and keeps me going. Great songwriting and just some really good music.

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Foodie said...

Enough cat bashing. I want you and die Freunde to come for dinner on the 14th. You need to hang with Jack.