Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If you ever wonder what life is like on the inside of my own head this video is pretty much exactly how I view everyday life. Watch it and you’ll understand.

(Thanks go out as always to my good friends at ImprovEverywhere for this one. They are the only reason that I would consider moving to New York.)

Since we are at the midpoint of the year it is time for me to start reviewing my New Year’s Resolutions and seeing where I stand with six months to go. I posted 10 of them in January so I’ll go through the first five tonight and the rest tomorrow.

Resolution # 1: Get my weight down to under 190 pounds: The max I’ve weighed this year is around 215 pounds, which is pretty much the heaviest I have ever weighed. Right now I am down to 202 and that equates to a good ten pound weight loss over the past two months since I’ve really tried to work out and eat right. I’m really focused on this goal and should be able to accomplish it. The important thing is that my focus is on getting fit and eating better. If I can do that then I assume the weight will come off. Though I must admit that I miss having Five Guys for every other meal.

Resolution # 2: Be More Attentive: Well, bit of a mixed bag on this one. This came about due to my habit of surfing the internet while talking to Kim and completely missing what she is actually saying. I’ve become much better in terms of focus but I’ll still find myself distracted by a book that is in front of me or a shiny object. I’ll say that I am getting better at this but I still need a great deal of work.

Resolution # 3: Complete a 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle by myself: I’ve actually been working on this all summer. I’m probably a third of the way through (I’ll post a picture tomorrow) and I have hopes of completing it by the end of August. It is challenging as hell especially given the nature of the puzzle (it’s of a painting as opposed to a picture so there aren’t nearly as many clear sections) but it has done wonders for allowing me to calm down every night. I have also completed a 500 and 1,500 piece puzzle by myself this year so I’m thinking that this one will be conquered.

Resolution # 4: Have breakfast every day: On the bright side I’ve done better at this than I have in previous years. I probably average having an actual breakfast before I go to work once a week. Of course that is completely horrible especially as one is trying to diet so I will just have to get myself together on this. I can only live on FiberOne bars for breakfast for so long. As their advertising slogan states “You won’t believe that you had one third of your daily fiber requirement in one bar until you’re in the bathroom three hours later.”

Resolution # 5: Get to work earlier: Tied in with the breakfast and wow have I sucked at this one. It really does upset me because I don’t have a great reason other than I am simply tired in the morning and staying in bed is rather nice. Now I don’t want to go nuts and try to be at work at 7 each morning because my body simply isn’t wired for that type of lifestyle given my no caffeine rule. But I could use to get to the office 15 minutes earlier and there is no reason why I can’t do that. This will be a big focus for me (along with eating breakfast) for the rest of the year.

Wednesday Night Music Club: The Gourds version of Gin and Juice. Possibly the greatest cover song every recorded. Because if there was one thing the song was missing it was clearly a mandolin solo. Warning contains NSFW language because it is a Snoop Dogg song after all.

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