Sunday, January 05, 2014

Why you wouldn't want me living in your town...

So I grew up in Chicago and as a result was obviously a Chicago Bears fan. That is one of the things that people don’t understand about Chicago: Absolutely everyone in the city is a Bears fan. Even when the Bulls were on their championship run not everyone was on their side (mainly because while Jordan might have been the best basketball player ever he certainly wasn’t the best person ever). The Blackhawks are supported by the portion of the city that loves hockey and of course the Cubs / White Sox divide is long lasting and all I can say to Cubs fans who complain about my team’s stadium / fans / surrounding community “Call me when you see your team win a World Series.”

Anyway, so last week I got to watch my Bears play the rival Packers with a playoff berth on the line. It was a classic Bears – Packers game: it was cold, the play was brutal and the game was back and forth the entire way. And, in true Bears – Packers fashion, the Bears were leading in the last minute and had forced a fourth and long only to see Aaron Rodgers elude a tackler, Chris Conte screw up his coverage and a long pass go undefended for a touchdown. No Bears in the playoffs this year.

After living in Chicago I then moved to Kansas City. The best description I can give of Kansas City is that it is just like Chicago except that everything is smaller and more convenient and you have to deal with the fact that you are forced to enter Kansas way too often. KC doesn’t have the Magnificent Mile, more like the really cool stretch of four blocks. Anyway, since there isn’t much else to do in the town I did follow the Chiefs. Hell, within my first week of living in the town I had bartenders telling me about serving Joe Montana back in the day when he was the quarterback. In my five years there the Chiefs alternated between being surprisingly good and depressingly bad but could make the playoffs if only to blow it in their first game.

So yesterday I watched the first half and saw the Chiefs just demolish the Colts to the point that Kim and I turned off the game to watch old episodes of Restaurant Impossible. We flipped the game back on just in time to see Andrew Luck hit his last bomb to mount a 28 point comeback to win the game. I didn’t even want to look at Facebook knowing that all I was going to see was the digital equivalent of people shaking their head in disbelief and ordering a beer to cry into.

After Kansas City I decided that living in Wilmington, Delaware sounded like a good idea. It wasn’t, in the fact that I will never understand that city but it was really the only place to live for my job. Wilmington is essentially a Philadelphia suburb. I followed the Eagles but never really became a big fan because, well, hanging out with Eagles fans can be scary. Throwing snowballs at Santa might not even make the top ten of their most infamous moments.

So of course last night I flipped on the Eagles – Saints game to watch the Eagles hold a lead for most of the game until a late collapse causes them to lose on a last second field goal and I knew that the most interesting stats from Lincoln Financial Field will come from the police report as opposed to the football field.

Three towns and three heartbreaking losses. I live in Fort Myers now so there is no football team that I can curse by my presence. Though I have to feel for the poor Fort Myers Everblades who now have to suffer my fandom.

Best of 120 Minutes: I’m a bit more surprised in retrospect that I was never really into The Smiths / Morrissey. I guess when I was a disaffected youth there was something about them that put me off. Maybe the fact that all I had ever heard about them was that they were incredibly depressed and even I wondered why that would be something that would encourage you to listen to their music. However, I’ve been listening to them more recently and I have to say they are much better than I ever gave them credit for. Plus, I am a sucker for any video that is done in one take.

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