Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Dennis Rodman: Threat or Menace?

Ok, I will have to admit that I have gotten old and turned off the BCS title game at the start of the fourth quarter. Every time I flipped to the game it looked like Florida State was never able to get into a rhythm and I was tired and really didn’t feel like staying up to see how it all turned out. So, yeah, I missed the ending. That said, as an East Coast resident I can complain about having the game end after midnight when some of us have jobs to go to in the morning. Ok, that doesn’t explain the years when I would be out at a concert until three in the morning on a Tuesday but I am old and grizzled now and can make those complaints.

(But I did watch much of the Old School Raw and was thrilled to see Jake “The Snake” Roberts close out the show for several reasons: 1) He was one of the best all time, 2) He looked to be in pretty good shape and 3) I am stunned that he is actually still alive. Trust me, if you know anything about Jake the Snake is that The Wrestler was based on his life and that was the nice version of his story. Plus I take this to be another success story for DDP Yoga. As I’ve mentioned before I am a proponent of DDP Yoga and I know that Diamond Dallas Page has spent the past year working with Jake to get him in shape and healthy and the fact that he has made this much progress is pretty much a miracle.)

Switching gears, is there anyone else moderately concerned that our foreign policy strategy with North Korea rests in the hands of Dennis Rodman, who was an excellent rebounder but was also a participant in Celebrity Rehab and that was one of his highlights in the past decade. If we are going to rely on former basketball players couldn’t we at least use someone like World B. Free, Majestic Mapp or, in a perfect world, God Shamgodd? It just seems stunning that the person who has the best access to a world leader who recently “fed his uncle to wild dogs” is the guy who kicked a cameraman in the groin and appeared on Monday Nitro to wrestle Karl Malone. It’s like we have all just admitted that the world has gone completely insane so we might as well not even bother anymore.

That is pretty much it for tonight. I will go through my New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow. As is my tendency I do not officially state my resolutions until after the first week of the year. That way I know that I will have done better than ninety percent of the people in that I can’t fail until the eighth of the month at least. Success by delay is success none theless. 

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