Monday, May 13, 2013

Life in airports...

Sign number 27 that you fly way too much: Southwest has switched terminals in the Fort Myers airport. Given that I knew every inch of Concourse D from literally days spent there this is a huge change. Even more important is that this new concourse has a Burger King in it. I have never been so happy to see a Burger King in my life. I don't think anyone has ever been happy to see a Burger King before but finally I have a place to get a decent meal. Ok, not a decent meal but a food based product that is theoretically fit for human consumption.

One of the things that I am going to be writing about over the next few weeks is my drive to become healthier and eating better is obviously one of those portions and I wish I could tell you how to eat helathy at the airport. I really do fly roughly once a week and have been doing so for several years now and that means many meals at airports. The best option that I can usually find is a decent sandwich (Potbelly at Midway is usually a pretty good option) but if I don't have the time or if the smell of fries are too tempting then it is off to McDonalds or whatever other fast food option is available.

It also doesn't help that you can't seemingly buy a regular sized candy bar any more. Everything always seem to be "King Size" or "Share Size" or much bigger than any one person should eat. Since I am usually travelling by myself this means that I end up downing way too much junk food as it is the only thing around. Not good for someone who is trying to keep an eye out on how much he weighs at any point in time.

Here is my best advice about staying healthy in the airport: never take the moving walkway. Think about it, if you are not in a massive hurry where you need every second in order to make your flight the moving walkway does nothing other than annoy you. Walk on it and you are guaranteed to end up behind a group of people who are just standing there like cows on the way to the slaughterhouse. You expect to see a large man swinging a sledgehammer at the end of the line. For people with health problems I completely understand, I just see too many people who are just lazy. So if you just walk alongside it you find that you are going at about the same pace and you are getting a but more exercise. Not a lot but at least it is something. And that is what I am going to talk about tomorrow: the idea of just trying to be a little more active than you were the day before.

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