Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The triumphant return of How I Met Your Mother

It’s fall so that means it is our favorite season: TV season. I watched the new episode of How I Met Your Mother as I continue to watch the show until I find out who the mother is. If it turns out to be that cupcake girl from the first season, who was such a perfect match for Ted it wasn’t even funny, I will be so pissed because they would have wasted my time with like five years of plot.

Before I get started though I must say that I am very upset at the breakup of my HIMYM / Big Bang Theory Monday night blowout. Those two shows worked great on the same night even when they weren’t next to each other. They seemed to have very similar audiences. Now the Big Bang Theory is on Thursday and has been replaced by a show whose main plot point is that the couple is fat. If I wanted to watch that I would just watch The Biggest Loser (which I DVRd tonight so don’t tell me what happened.)

Anyway, tonight’s episode was a classic in the sense that it follows many of the classic patterns of HIMYM. Ted is trying to gather the courage to hit on a girl, Barney is claiming dibs, Robin is distraught and scummy after breaking up with her boyfriend and Lily and Marshall are having relationship issues over having children. This all takes place in the bar, which I love as that is pretty much how real life works. In the end we find out that we are 28 minutes closer to finding out who the damn mother is, Lily and Marshall are still the perfect couple and we are all waiting for Barney and Robin to run off and get married like they should have done last season.

What interests me more though is that having watched every episode of this show from the beginning who I identify with has begun to change. I started not only identifying with Ted but claiming that entire episodes were being taken from my life. (I mean, Red Dragon shots? How could that not be about me.) Here was a guy out on his own trying to find the woman of his dreams just like I was in Kansas City (though you have to stretch to imagine that KC is like NYC. They’re totally alike except for things like culture and people and pretty much everything you can imagine except barbecue sauce.)

But I’ve been with Kim for over a year and a half now, beating my previous record for relationships by a good eighteen months, and I’m beginning to feel more and more like Marshall. I’ve found my Lily and am working on what it means to be an us. Pretty fascinating how a show can be a barometer for your real life.

Oh and why I might not be a Barney (Super Dave, that is still your role) I will be suiting up on October 13th for International Suit Up Day. Yes, it is real and it will be spectacular.

The five random CDs for the week (better late than never):
1) Cat Power “You Are Free”
2) Damien Rice “B Sides”
3) Various Artists “Preservation”
4) Waco Brothers “Do You Think About Me?”
5) Cowboy Mouth “All You Need Is Live”

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