Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Soviet Russia Blog Writes You

Do you know how tough it is to raise 300,000 in bail money on a moment’s notice? As a result of my neverending devotion to Lindsay Lohan I now know the answer to that question. I also now know that having a slightly successful Disney film when you are ten will guarantee that you will never go to jail no matter how many times you violate your probation. As my good friend Yakov Smirnoff used to tell me, “America, what a country.” That was before we deported him for having a lapsed visa of course.

(Here is my favorite Yakov Smirnoff story. Back when I lived in Kansas City I would occasionally turn on the television only to be met by a commercial advertising Yakov Smirnoff’s show in Branson. This led me to realize that a) I lived close enough to Branson that I could do it as a day trip and b) I was now considered to be part of Yakov Smirnoff’s target audience. I must admit it, that second part caused a little bit of me to die that day. Well, that and living in Kansas City in general.)

I don’t have much to report on this weekend. As much as I make fun of my time in KC at least the weekend would produce one good bar story. Now I just spend my weekend nights in Delaware at home because, well, I’m not sure that nightlife technically exists in Delaware. While it is nice to have a bar where everyone knows your name Delaware is a state where everyone knows your name. I think there are only three dozen people here; thus explaining why it might be possible that we will become the first state to elect a practicing witch to the senate. I’d write more about the election but then I remember that my blogging during the Funkhouser campaign (best known for my proposed slogan of “Bringing the Funk back to Kansas City) resulted in my actually receiving emails in which I was described as an “influential blogger”. Yeah, I have no clue how that happened.

Anyway, I did put four and a half miles in on the treadmill while watching the Notre Dame game on Saturday. I figured that given that I knew that watching the game was going to be painful I might as well make it a total body pain experience. I have gotten back into workout mode though my weight has plateaued at just over 200 pounds. It’s been good though as I have my cardio up to a nice level and I have actually started to, gasp, lift weights. It is a bit weird that I would rather hit the treadmill than lift weights but I’ve been so concerned about my bad shoulder that I’ve avoided lifting for years. But I’ve taken it nice and easy and am pretty happy with the results so far. Maybe one day I will actually have something that might be considered muscles. I am at least hoping to be in better shape when I am forty than I was when I was twenty. The scary thing is that is entirely possible.

Best of 120 Minutes (9/26/1993): We could use some more Echo and the Bunnymen in our life. Not sure why, but we just could.

The five random CDs for the week:
1) The Polyphonic Spree “The Fragile Army”
2) Iris Dement “The Way I Should”
3) My Morning Jacket “Okonokos”
4) Old 97’s “Alive and Wired”
5) Kelly Willis “One More Time”

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