Monday, May 14, 2012

Ted and Victoria, together thank God

I admit that I only saw the second half of How I Met Your Mother and that we have been told on more than one occasion that Victoria is not the mother but if you didn’t feel a tug at your heart when Ted and Victoria drove off into the sunset then you have no soul. From the first season I’ve felt that Victoria was the absolute perfect match for Ted and given the fact that Ted always is referring to the Mother and not his wife I am hoping that they end up together with the kids being someone else’s. If not, as someone who did end up marrying the one who got away at least my televised doppleganger has been able to experience the same moment that I did.

Plus we always knew that Barney and Robin were going to end up together. Just a matter of time and a few magic tricks.

I will have to say though that since I am constantly on the road I have really fallen behind on my television habits. Guess that one can’t consider that to be a bad thing but it certainly is odd when you end up following shows by reading reviews online as opposed to actually reading them. I probably saw most of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory though I know that I missed episodes here and there. I watched most of Awake which only meant that when NBC decided to cancel it that I could feel as though I had completely wasted my time. I’ve fallen out of most reality shows other than occasionally watching The Biggest Loser on the hope that one day it will be a show that actually inspires you to lose weight as opposed to deciding that every single contestant on the show is a horrible human being. (They walked off the show this year because it wasn’t fair. Yes, a show about weight loss is unfair. I have yet to figure that one out.) Luckily there are always episodes of Hoarders to catch up on and to inspire me to clean the garage.

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Anonymous said...

I think Ted is being foolish. I'm surprised he didn't make her stop at the church considering he was stood up at the altar himself and he admitted it absolutely destroyed him. Does he have no conscience? Would he really want to be with the kind of person who would do that? I wasn't quite left at the altar, but I can empathize with being blindsided by the (supposed) love of your life, and I find it offensive that Ted would literally play the part of the getaway driver.

That being said, apparently I do have some semblance of a soul left somewhere because secretly I wished he would keep driving and briefly suspended my cynicism that two people can be meant to be.

Oh and Quinn is smoking hot, but I never had a doubt that Barney's bride-to-be was going to be anyone other than Robin.